2021 June
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Rawdat Students won awards in the 9th High School LAUMAL and 15th GCLAUMUN Final Conferences

Rawdat El Fayhaa High School students excelled in the 9th High School Model Arab League, and the 15th GCLAU MUN organized by the Lebanese American University, LAU, in cooperation with the National Council for Arab Relations, the Hariri Foundation, and the United Nations Foundation. Students from various schools in Lebanon participated.

MAL program is a simulation of the Arab League and MUN is a simulation of the United Nations where the students attend courses in public speaking, dialogue and preparation of working papers.

At the end of each program, a conference was held where delegates (students) had to present the working papers prepared by them as representatives of the countries.

The eight Rawdat students in MAL, were in charge of the file of the Kingdom of Morocco, and had successfully excelled in its study. They presented the economic, geographical and human capabilities of Morocco. They discussed its crises and problems and defended its issues, and they truly deserved receiving the awards below:

- The Great Free Arab Trade Organization: Youssef GhemraouiBest Delegate Award –50% grant from the LAU University

- Historical Crisis Council: Nazih Al Thamin -Best Delegate Award –50% grant from the LAU University

- Arab Economic and Social Council: Abdallah Al Ahdab -Honorable Mention Award– 25% grant from the LAU University

- Federation of Arab Chambers: Taline Khadem and Tala Chehadé -Honorable Mention Award- 25% grant from the LAU University

- Joint Arab Development Council: Talia Kaloush and Yara Ghemraoui -Best Improvement Award

Simultaneously,12 Students represented Malaysia in MUN; They studied thoroughly the country and tried to improve its status on different perspectives and levels. They received the following awards:

- UNDP Committee: Omar Soufi - Diplomacy Award - 25%grant from the LAU University

- UNESCO Committee : Rayan Skaff – Best Position Paper Award

-UNCSTD:Reem Abdul Aziz- Best Improvement Award

- SPECPOL Committee: Lynn Abdallah - Best Improvement Award

-UNHCR Committee: Aya Awdeh - Best Improvement Award

Date: 2020-02-01