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   It is the result of the partnership in 1968 between the Children Protection Association and the Makarem Al Akhlak Association that Rawdat El Fayhaa thrived and continued on solid foundations as a full academic institution. Sincere and blessed efforts have been united among a group of educators in both associations: the late Mrs. Alia Zock Shawki, the late Hajj Samih Mawlawi, his Excellency Mr. Omar Meskawi, the late Mrs. Nabila Kabbara Zock, the late Mrs. Yemn Zock, Dr. Nazih Kabbara, Mr. Saadi Khayat, the late Mawaheb Osta, Dr. Saadi Dannawi, the late Mrs. Aaraf Masri Assaf, The late Mrs. Iktimal Maaliki, and other members of the two associations active in the field of education.

At this point, the school settled in its main headquarters in Azmi Street through the construction of the first floor built by the Children Protection association. The school still occupies it till this day.

 A mandated committee of the two associations sponsored the school from a financial and administrative point of view.

The year 1988 was an important time in the life of Rawdat El Fayhaa because the partnership contracted between the two associations was renewed for twenty-five years. This resulted in a transfer to the institutional approach by the formation of the Board of trustees which began its work in the year 1989. This council is re-elected every four years by the administrative parties of the two associations.

One of the duties of the board of trustees is putting the academic, financial, and managerial policy of the institution and to mandate the school’s management to implement this policy, therefor, the board of trustees has the control authority to ensure the proper implementation of the plans it makes.

The academic year 2018-2019 marked the 50th anniversary of this partnership, a partnership that, by the grace of God, will continue for years.