2021 June
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Misision & objectives


  1. To offer the learner an exceptional education that keeps pace with scientific and technical developments.
  2. To prepare the student to interact with the practical life and to benefit his environment and his country.
  3. To develop the learner´s personality to a well-rounded individual and increase his ability for analysis, criticism, oral expression and contribution with his environment.
  4. To instill authentic Muslim values from our heritage and implant them in the hearts of learners.
  5. To develop the educated mental abilities of the learner, and provide him with patterns of scientific and critical thinking.
  6. To support, nurture and develop the learner´s talent and creative abilities.
  7. To promote the learner´s belonging to his community, his country, his nation, his heritage, and openness to other cultures, to teach him to accept difference and to engage in dialogue with others.
  8. To Build the student’s internal inhibition, and accustom him to continuous personal control.
  9. To prepare an administrative and academic team caring and loving that is dedicated, professional and experienced with a principle of continuous improvement based on constant internal and external monitoring.
  10. To guide students choose their major at universities to match the needs of society.
  11. To activate sports and extracurricular activities through opening clubs run by expertise from inside and outside the school.